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Address Book / Contact Book - A4 or A5 Spiral Bound with 60 pages

  • £12.50

These A4 & A5 Wire Bound  ADDRESS CONTACT BOOKS are a great way to store all you important contacts, either customers or suppliers. 

This item is Personalised with your business logo, the pages can also be edited to suit your specific needs.

These books feature 60 pages, 120 sides, and 3 contacts to a page which is a whopping 360 contacts. The pages aren't initialed so you can organise the book however suits you best.  


Size : A4 or A5

 If you wish to include a logo on the cover then please email this to: after purchase.

We make a large range of stickers and personalised books for small businesses, so if you are looking for something and it's not on the website please let us know how we can help you  using our CONTACT FORM 

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