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How To DIY A Wedding Planning Binder

Posted by Sue Simpson on

Feeling overwhelmed with all this wedding planning malarkey?
Wedding planning can feel stressful. After all, for most couples it's their first time.
How do you keep all those bits and pieces you've gathered from suppliers, services, wedding fairs, magazine cut outs, dates and schedules, budgeting notes  and all those other need to remember items safe and in one place?
Of course you can run out and buy one of the many and mostly pricey wedding planners on the market, but it's really easy to make your own and tailor make it to suit you.... and at Inspired by Script WE LOVE tailor made! 
Here's a fantastic idea from Alina Narr on how she made a Wedding Planner Binder and the idea is so simple, you can too! 
How did you plan your wedding?
How are you planning your wedding?
What's the best tip toy can give to couples trying to keep things organised and on track? 
What do you struggle with when planning your wedding? 
I'd love to hear from you... so either leave a comment below or email me (Sue)  CLICK HERE


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