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Real Yorkshire Weddings - Abigail & Nicolas

Posted by Sue Simpson on

The best thing about meeting a Bride and Groom in person is very often their initial ideas and theme of wedding can sometimes turn into something much better. 
 Abigale & Nick were having a golf themed wedding and during discussion it became clear that some of the ideas may look a little childish and like a kids party invite.
When I was told the Bride was from Yorkshire and the Groom from Durham, I suggested we put the two emblems together and create on that joined them in harmony and this resulted in a nice cohesive blend which we could carry though from the invitations right through to the On the Day stationery. 
Below are just a few of the items I made for them. 

And a lovely email followed:

Just back from Neasham, sorting out the marquee and wanted to thank you for all your help ,advice and expertise over the last few months. Many guests commented on the seating plan, postbox,order of service and posters, loving the high quality and classiness of all you did. It looked amazing and the whole day was magical and went off as smooth as silk, everything slotted beautifully into place, even the weather after that horrible storm, just as the wedding ars arrived at our house, got drier and drier and sunnier and sunnier, even managed some photos on the river bank. It was just perfect, over too soon and thoroughly enjoyable. Abigail and Nick are going off on a minimoon tomorrow until Friday but will be in touch with her thoughts etc. when she gets back. Peter will drop the easel and post box off at yours on Tuesday. We are going up to Neasham to house and dog sit for them but P has to come back into town for a docs appointment on Tuesday, so will call in. Just a bib thank you you have been a star throughout!

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