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Ivy Themed Wedding Invitations, Stationery & the tradition of Ivy when used in the bridal bouquet

Posted by Sue Simpson on

IVY perfect for an Autumn, Rustic, Country, Nature themed wedding. 
Below are just some of the Ivy Inspired invitations and stationery we have made and the beauty of Ivy is it goes with absolutely anything. 

The tradition of Ivy in the Bridal Bouquet:
. Ivy is representative of eternal fidelity and wedded bliss. A popular tradition during Victorian times was for the bride to plant the Ivy contained in her bouquet after the wedding and pass the resulting sprigs from that same plant to her daughters and granddaughters for use in their bridal bouquets.

Gatefold, Foiled wedding invitations
Custom made for Rebecca & Graham

The gatefold style doesn't suit al designs,
but our ivy design in particular, with it's cascading lines 
made it perfectly suited to this style and shape. 

The Evening Invitations were a flat style invitation, less complex,
and the little gift request cards finished off the suite perfectly. 

Rebecca & Graham chose a mixture of dark green and silver foil for their invitations. 

And I had to add this beautiful cake
found on Pinterest, but created by 
The Cake Shop

 Beautiful Ivy covered cake
available from THE CAKE STORE

We've breated these new watercolour, flat invitations 
and added them to our website
you can find them HERE
We can carry this design right through to your on the day items too. 

And finally... the wedding post box,
The tumbling ivy is cut from paper

And another one with more ivy for another customer

Flat Ivy Wedding invitations: Inspired by Script
Ivy Cake: The Cake Store
Watercolour Ivy Invitation; Inspired by Script 
Ivy Post Box: Inspired by Script 

Go any questions? CONTACT US during opening hours and we'll be more than happy to answer them 

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