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Hey Brides! Listen up! 10 Trending Colours for Spring 2017

Posted by Sue Simpson on

Pantone have released their Spring 2017 colours!
 So what has this got to do with your wedding you may be asking.. 
The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a standardised colouur reproduction system, which has been used for over 40 years, primarily for printing purposes in a variety of industries, from design, architecture, fashion and crafts
Every year Pantone releases a set of  colours and these will set the precedence for fashion, home decor and even advertising industry as well as graphic designers. 
Have you ever wondered why all the clothes in the shops end up being the same colours despite them coming from different shops? London Fashion Week, that's how and it's all down to Pantone! 
Still not sure what this has to do with your wedding? It's simple really. Because we get so used to seeing these colours all over the place, they get mixed up into our psyche and suddenly before you know it, you'll want the colours too. Not because they are trendy (although they are bang on trend) but because your unconscious mind suddenly really likes the colours. 
Here are the colours for Spring 2017, so if you are planning a 2017 wedding you might like to sit up and take notice

Of course colours will vary from screen to screen...
but here are the colours when used on a graphic.

Primrose Yellow

RGB 243 207 85


Pale Dogwood
RGB 239 209 198
RGB 207 176 149

Island Paradise

RGB 148 221 225
RGB 145 181 77
RGB 242 85 44
Pink Yarrow
RGB 205 74 125
RGB 84 135 164
RGB 90 114 71
Lapis Blue
RGB 0 75 141

I must admit, I'm not a fan of muted, dulled down colours, but I said that about the 2016 colours.... next thing you know the house is being redecorated and the rest is history!
I must admit, I find Pantones description of the colours slightly comforting and warms me to these colours somewhat. 
So... what do you think?
Like them?
Loathe them? 
Are you using these in your wedding theme? 
Comment below, we love hearing from you.
Warmest wishes on a cold, wet and very windy, 
 North Yorkshire day.
Sue xox

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